Meet the farmer

Still cold and muddy when the first crops go into the ground -- they get a "tent", called row cover.  Rain and light can go through, but bugs and rabbits and floating weed seeds can't. The bigger structure in the background is a hoophouse, which warms up so much that we can grow heat-loving tomatoes. 

 I'm Chloe Lewis; this is my second year as a market gardener, though I have gardened wherever I've been.   in 2022 I was in the Viva  Practicum class in sustainable agriculture, learning how to reliably produce food crops right here.  I heard about that while working on the flex crew at Local Roots, a long established veggie farm in Duvall. 

Before that I was a PhD candidate in soil science at Berkeley. Academia didn't work out for me, but I'm not leaving the dirt life. Before *that* I was a programmer and math nerd. My grandfathers both became engineers to be able to get off the family farms, and here I am doing it the other way around. History is funny. I hope they'd admire my crops.