May 31

This week's harvest:

As of Thursday, what's looking ready to go, with photos to help you identify them in the bag.  Greens! Much wetter, cooler weather than last year, so it's a still a very northerly, springlike set of crops. Spinach, baby lettuces, the smallest youngest green onions, turnip tops as the turnips get thinned, and fullsize chard. 

Also, a lot of mixed greens. Seed mixes often include a bunch of different things so that *some* of them will flourish no matter what the weather is.  From my nibbling, the mustard-flavored ones are having a GREAT year this year so it's a sharper-flavored mix than in milder springs. Turnip tops are naturally a bit spicy too. 

Last minute: tiny pea sprout tops (no picture) at the bottom of the smaller bag. I think these are crazy delicious but you don't get many if you want to get peas. 

Top to bottom: baby Romaine lettuce, spinach, turnip greens, baby salad lettuce (Tango variety), mixed greens, chard, and green onions.

These are the photos from my checking on what's ready to go, looking down at the live plants in their beds. 

Storage notes:

All of these are happy humid-but-not-soggy in the fridge. I expect the mixed greens will last longer than the rest, and the spinach to be the least durable.

Recipe suggestions:

Looks like mostly salads to me -- on or under anything else I'd cook. 

If you don't like sharp greens, here's a list of ways to mellow them (basically: add a little more salt and/or vinegar, and cook them a little longer):

Getting ripe for next week:

more of the same greens and the babyest turnips; maybe radishes.