June 14

Outredgeous lettuce. 

This week's harvest:


Our first few snap peas! In the bottom of the smaller bag. 

Baby Outredgeous lettuces


Lots and lots of Tango lettuce.  

The last spinach. 

Pak choi, the longstemmed purplish, slightly pastel big leaves;

Chard, longstemmed glossy green big leaves, bright stems.

Red Russian Kale braising/salad leaves at the bottom. This is all kale, no mustard, much sweeter than last week's mix. 

I've put a link to a good quick mess-of-greens recipe at the bottom of this page. It would work for any of these, or all of them together.

Radishes and turnips, two kinds of each. The turnips are Tokyo Market white turnips, banded together with Purple Top. The radishes are French Breakfast, bright red with a white tip, and a rainbow blend that includes white radishes which look like white turnips. But the Purple Tops are your tell for true turnips. 

Scallions. A little bigger every week. 

 Storage notes:

All the greens like to be cool, humid, but not sitting in water. I turn stuff in plastic bags the other way up every so often while they're in my fridge, seems to help.

Root veg and their tops will keep longer if separated, oddly. All our tops are edible, even carrot greens, but the roots are the point -- if you don't like the greens, to the compost with them! 

Recipe suggestions:

Serious Eats' general method for a garlicky side dish of greens, which is easy to adapt to a mix of some tougher and some tenderer greens.

French savory pancakes full of chard. Since we don't have parsley yet, put in a little of a spicier green -- turnip or radish tops, for instance. 

Or a Niçoise sweet pastry full of chard, tourte de blettes.

Getting ripe for next week:

Potatoes, I hope! They're energetic above ground, surely all those leaves are building potatoes underground.

More kinds of lettuce. Mayyyyyybe baby carrots?