June 7

"Vivid" pak choi in the field. Serrated edges, purple-lavender cast to the leaves and stems.

Arugula in the field (pretty close up). Deeply lobed leaves, bright light green.

This week's harvest:

New: "Vivid" pak choi and arugula.

As last week (pictures there): kale/mustard braising mix; chard; Tango and young romaine lettuce; spinach; small scallions. 

Packing notes: I try to use as few plastic bags as I can while making it possible to unpack the veg separately. So things with very different textures will share a bag. This week there is a small bag with spinach, scallions, and a radish, a small bag with turnip and arugula, and the large bag has lettuces on top, a base of kale mix, and sheaves of the two long-stemmed greens on top of each other. Rainbow chard has glossy dark leaves and stems of white-yellow-orange-pink-red; this pak choi has serrated edge leaves with a lavender-purple cast. If this is too confusing let me know and I'll add more ?rubber bands? to distinguish things. 

Storage notes: 

All happy in the fridge humid-but-not-soggy. 

Recipe suggestions:

Apple-and-arugula salad recipe from PCC;

lettuce recipes that aren't salad from the Guardian. 

I find the fullsize pak choi leaves easier for wrapped-in-cabbage recipes than leaves peeled off a spherical cabbage. 

Getting ripe for next week:

We might get the first snap peas or the first tiny potatoes.  Maybe both. 

Flowering peas

and an immature peapod! they're coming!

Potato flowers

 feeling around their roots hasn't found any potatoes yet, but flowers mean there should be potatoes soon.