Word of Mouth Farm

Community Supported Agriculture, grown in King County, delivering to North Capitol Hill, Seattle
Really fresh greens with simple lentils and soda bread


Word of Mouth Farm: startup year 2023

First year as a business! Very exciting!

I grow vegetables with a cook's mind, so the farm has a new small row of something different planted several times a week.  This sets up harvests of young tender crops regularly through the year, a new plateful of flavor every week. 

I'm a low-input, ecologically cautious, low-till farmer, growing what grows well near Seattle.  Mostly I use tight planning, row covers, and a hoe to keep the veggies happy. I use drip irrigation both to save water and to reduce weed growth. I am not certified organic, but all my seeds and inputs (e.g., compost) satisfy OMRI organic certifications and are also approved by the Viva Farms coordinator. 

Economically, I am a CSA farmer: you pay for a share of the year's produce in advance, and I deliver a share of what I grow every week. This shares the risk and also the bounty -- if I get a great crop of something, so do you.  If you can't accept a delivery, I will deliver it to a neighbor or a food bank for you. 

 contact me: farmer@wordofmouth.farm