Word of Mouth Farm

Community Supported Agriculture, grown in King County, delivering to North Capitol Hill, Seattle
Really fresh greens with simple lentils and soda bread


Word of Mouth Farm: 2024, second year of business

NEWS: I am sold out for 2024. If you would like to be on the early email list for 2025, or on the list if a current customer wants to sell the end of their season, email me at farmer@wordofmouth.farm

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Would you like to cook out of your own garden, but you can't garden right now? Do you live in North Capitol Hill? Let me be your gardener, delivering directly to you.

I plant a new small row of something different several times a week.  This sets up harvests of young tender crops regularly through the year, changing every week as the seasons change.

I'm a low-input, ecologically cautious, low-till farmer, growing what grows well near Seattle -- greens and summer veg in my current spot, trying unusual crops for a treat.  I use tight planting, row covers, and a hoe to keep the veggies ahead of the weeds. Drip irrigation both saves water and reduces weed growth. I am not certified organic, but all my seeds and inputs (e.g., compost) satisfy the organic certifier who maintains Viva Farms' certification. (I sublet a piece of their land.)  

Economically, I am a CSA farmer: you pay for a share of the year's produce in advance, and I deliver a share of what I grow every week. This shares the risk and also the bounty -- if I get a great crop of something, so do you.  If you can't accept a delivery, I will deliver it to a neighbor or a food bank for you. 

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